"Best Value Legs" 


from 13.00

We’ve ramped up production. We’ve re-negotiated with our steel suppliers. We’ve lost our minds. Whatever the reason, we are now able to offer select sizes of our classic, raw steel, Canadian made hairpin legs for only $13 and our 28” classic legs for just $18. Our 28” 3rod Dining or desk legs are now just $23.

Available in 8”, 12”, 16”, 28”, and 28” 3rod.

These legs are our classic raw steel legs. You can choose to add powder coat colours, third rods, floor protectors or a polished wax finish below.

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Custom Add-ons

Our raw steel $13 legs are the best value on the internet. The following options can be added to your order to customize these legs to suit your project or personality. Each option is priced per leg. Click on an image for more information.

Powder Coat Colour

Powder coat is an industrial, baked-on finish that adds colour and durability to your hairpin legs. Each leg is sandblasted, coated in one of our 11 colours, and oven baked for a durable, indoor/outdoor finish. To add powder coating to your legs select a colour and add to cart in the same quantity as your legs (quantity 4 to powder coat 4 legs)

$8 per leg

Floor Protection

Choose this option to have a one inch circle welded to the bottom of the leg. We will also include a one inch felt pad. Because hairpins are beautiful but hardwood is forever. Add one floor protector for each leg (quantity 4 for 4 legs).

$5 per leg

Polished Wax Finish

Adding a wax finish to your legs will keep the look of the raw steel while giving a smooth, hard, rust-preventing clear finish.

To have wax added to your legs simply add this item to your cart.

Select quantity 4 to have 4 legs waxed.

Third Rod

Adding a third rod to your legs makes them extra sturdy and strong. Perfect for benches, heavy tops, desks, and dining tables.